Business productivity, communication and efficiency

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Modern digital technology has led from face-to-face to "Face(book) to Face(book)" communication. Communication platforms have completely replaced complicated meeting arrangements, and applications designed for organization have taken over the role of planners and calendars. As the times change, so does business organization. It is crucial to keep up with technological innovations that can improve all aspects of organization management.

Enhance your productivity using applications

When we talk about improving business and business efficiency, we think about new business strategies, new employees, and big budgets. However, the strategy for business productivity of each organization must first involve quality communication.

The importance of good communication within each organization is indisputable. Thanks to the use of new technologies, all our plans, strategies and communication can now be made using various tools. Wondering how?

When talking about platforms that allow communication within closed and private groups, the first tool to mention is Slack. Be it endless mails or incorrectly scheduled meetings, teamwork not only demands a certain amount of patience, but also carefully organized communication. Slack is the perfect tool for coordinating team communication, individual and group conversations, or locations and projects. Additionally, you can use Slack on mobile and PCs as well, you have the ability to organize notifications from other channels and apps and thus it can become your ideal communication channel. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and PC.

We work hard to get our productivity to its peak, and there's no better way to quickly store plans and information than in your mobile phone or computer. Evernote is an application based on the freemium model (most of the content is free, but the premium part is charged) that allows you to keep notes, organize and store information in one place. With this organizational tool, You can store any photo, text, or an entire web site in just a few seconds. Evernote is equally beneficial for those who work in management as well as for all other employees. The application is available on most operating systems.

Another great tool for storing information and keeping notes with no fear of losing data because it can be easily linked to your Google Account. Google Keep allows you to create lists, write texts, save photos, and record audio, making it one of the best data storage tools. In addition to the standard way to enter information, Google Keep allows you to create a list and write texts by simply speaking the words. The app is free and available for Android, iOS and PC.

If you need help with cost organization while on a business trip, Expensify is the ideal application for you. By linking your credit card to your account, the app itself generates a cost report to track and plan your budget. If you do not want to link your card, you can simply print your invoices and Expensify will extract important information and create a report. It's just as easy to create a report yourself, in only a few minutes. Expensify is available for Android, iOS and PC.

Time is money, and since we can't buy time, we can at least buy applications that will help us plan and take advantage of our time. Organization of work hours and schedules, strategy development and project management are not a problem for Basecamp. This is an application that was primarily a tool for project managers and later for the wider audience. With this app, it is possible to plan and execute tasks more successfully, improve group productivity, and to communicate faster within projects. Basecamp is available for iOS, Android, and PCs.

Using business applications can enhance productivity in many ways. Apps for organizing time, money, and projects can improve employee performance, increase scheduling flexibility, increase the amount of collected and stored data. Such tools also help to improve communication within the organization, motivate employees, and allow for a simpler and more fun-filled approach to everyday commitments. More tips for successful time management and commitment can be found in the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen which is based on the GTD method. It's a method of storing information and plans to free the mind from remembering a large amount of data and focusing on the task itself.

Author: Tina Dolić