How to Choose a Company Name

Choose a company name

The name is a sign, says the old Roman proverb Nomen est Omen. When we talk about business, this saying gets full meaning. Choosing a company name can make a difference between business success and failure. As much as your business idea may be good, choosing a bad name will be a stumbling block that will keep you from moving in the wanted direction. So, try to find a name that will highlight your expertise, professionalism, and quality.

The name of the company is perhaps the most important part of its overall visual and corporate identity. This is where your whole story begins. What does the name of your company say to your customers and partners? This can be a stressful process, so you can entrust this job to branding and copywriting professionals. If you choose to hire a professional, be sure to inquire about the prices and the recommendations.

If you are designing a name for your company on your own, first consider how your business differs from what is already on the market. Think about how you imagine your company in the next five and ten years. Do you think this name will suit your company now and for a longer period? Do you want to do business only in your city or maybe at the state level? This is important because the company name you choose may not sound the same in the regional market as it would in national or worldwide.

If you choose to use your given name in the name of your business, consider how you will feel if you decide to sell your company in the future. When you think about everything mentioned, write down all the words you can think of on a piece of paper. Then try to minimize the list to only five names and say them repeatedly out loud. Do you feel proud and self-confident as you pronounce them?

Remember also to check the domain availability. You can use it for pages like

If you are still unsure about how to choose a company name:

  • Play with words - combine different phrases and fit them into what your business is about. A good example is the name of the dog grooming salon "Paws & Claws".
  • Try to trigger an emotion in your potential clients. Perhaps something that reminds them of childhood or some beautiful, pleasant and relaxed moments of life. The positive feeling associated with your company name will very likely also have a positive impact on your business.
  • A good company name is simple and memorable. Make it clear and meaningful to everyone, not just to you or a group of people you know. Avoid long and meaningless words or phrases.
  • Designing and choosing a name is a demanding creative process. Research, effort and time are necessary for a great idea. Do not copy other design ideas. In the world of marketing originality pays off in many ways.
  • If you open a company abroad, consult a language specialist in the country where you plan to register your company.
  • The name you choose will not only represent you and your business but also your employees. They will be the support that will reflect everything that your company name must be: a sign of quality, safety, and knowledge.
  • Be sure to check laws and regulations regarding naming your business of the country where you plan to register your company.



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