Virtual Reality (VR) is a new and captivating medium that can be used to develop unforgettable, engaging, and immersive experiences. Visual, auditory and tactile senses can be used to enrich users' perception of the interactive virtual environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful real-time visualization tool, which enhances our view of the real world with computer-generated sensory stimuli (sound, video, graphics). Augmented reality introduces components of the digital within the perception of the real world.

We can use these tools to enrich your applications and presentations. Virtual tours, interactive virtual worlds, AR games, augmented printed publications, and 360° video panoramas are only a few examples of how these technologies can provide a higher degree of engagement.

Dev Tech Development Technologies

Unity is one of the most popular VR/AR development engines, with many SDKs and frameworks helping to develop scalable, cross-platform digital products that can be deployed across more than 20 platforms with a single code base. To create immersive VR/AR mobile applications that will harness the hardware and full potential of Android or iOS devices, we use ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android.